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TK Daniels ~ Author & Creator

Finding out that I was allergic to corn was a blessing in disguise. Initially I did not recognize the blessing because I was so consumed with the hives, itching, and swelling

In the wee hours of the morning I laid in my bed screaming at God for answers when I heard / felt His powerful voice say, "Move". 

​I didn't know how or in which direction to move, but I moved and through movement I gained clarity, found answers, and began the journey of creating balance in my life. 

The corn allergy diagnosis was the beginning of walking in my purpose. My path towards healing began as I learned how to...  

Stop the Sabotage, Create Balance, & Find My Purpose in the Pain

Are you moving productively, creating balance and living a life of purpose? 

You Can Live A Happy Life by shifting your perception.

​I appreciate the corn allergy and all of the Cornography that led me on my journey of healing and growth. I use my experiences, knowledge, and expertise to start my personal body care line, as well as to guide others through their own version of Cornography.